About ITI.CC

ITI CC is Integrative Training of International Community Colleges.

ITI CC is affiliated to (KIU) Kings International University.

We have branches in:

Canada, North America, Israel, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Mexico, Austria and USA

Our Aim is to teach the and train people Different scientific materials to assist them to be developed and Strengthens their skills that they may use them in different fields.

ITI.CC gives people an accredited certification as we are affiliated with Kings International University.

However, we provide a certificate which gives recognition of accomplishments achieved by our students for the work done by them in the fields of  theological and psychological Studies.

Every member of the ITICC have the same goal in mind which is the pursuit of excellence.

Our students have the desire to learn from  their teachers whose main focus is on developing within them the necessary habits that will enhance their study and develop their thinking.